About VidyaLoans:
  • What is VidyaLoans?
    VidyaLoans is a tech-driven platform making the lives of millions of Indian students simpler by assisting them to get access to timely funds for their education. Our team has decades of cumulative experience in the education finance sector. Using the most important data points and the technology, the lending underwriting criteria are programmed to get the best-customized loan terms to every customer. VidyaLoans’ unique platform uses mobile technology and digital banking solutions to make life more affordable to millions of Indian students by putting customers in touch with our lending partners and managing their credit for them.
  • What kind of loans does VidyaLoans fund?
    We fund non-collateral education loans between INR 2 lacs and 8 lacs.
  • Which all universities/ colleges does VidyaLoans fund?
    We can fund any recognized university in India or abroad.

Application process:
  • What is the maximum education loan which I can get from VidyaLoans?
    We fund up to INR 8 lacs non-collateral education loans.
  • How many days does it take for me to get an education loan via VidyaLoans?
    On average, the processing time for each education loan is 15 days, once you submit all the required documents at the assigned branch.
  • Is the collateral required for VidyaLoans?
    No, we offer non-collateral education loans.
  • What are the steps for sanctioning my education loan via VidyaLoans?

    Step 1: Apply

    Drop a request and our loan officer will prequalify your profile. If eligible, make the processing fee payment and the loan process starts

    Step 2: Documentation

    Your loan officer will guide you with the required documentation and application form. You arrange all of it and submit at the branch

    Step 3: Get sanction

    Drop a request and our loan officer will prequalify your profile. If eligible, make the processing fee payment and the loan process starts

  • What are the benefits I get if I apply for my education loan via VidyaLoans?
    • Avail non-collateral loans up to 8 lacs
    • Speedy approval
    • Dedicated loan officer for customer support
    • Repay any time without any prepayment penalties (foreclosure charges)
    • Transparent fee structure
    • No hidden charges
  • Does VidyaLoans’ team negotiate with the banks/lenders with the interest rates?
    Yes, we negotiate and help you get the best rate of interest and terms as per the bank’s official policy
  • Is VidyaLoans authorized to speak directly with the branch managers to fasten the loan approval process?
    Yes, we speak with the bank officials including bank managers and sanctioning officers and make sure your process is done on time.
  • How can VidyaLoans promise a 14 to 16-day approval, when bank managers say it will take about 2 months?
    We make sure to assist you at every step of the process. Any pending documents will be informed timely and hence the delay can be avoided. Our team will be in constant touch with your branch to fasten the process. Cumulatively, the education loan processing time is reduced.
  • Is VidyaLoans funding for Study abroad or also for Study in India?
    We fund both education loans for India and abroad.
  • Will the VidyaLoans team speak to my parents if they have any doubts?
    Yes, with pleasure. We would love to speak with them and detail everything to them.
  • Is VidyaLoans directly lending the education loans?
    No. We assist you in getting education loans from our partnered and most reputed government banks in India.

Processing fee:
  • How much is the processing fee for VidyaLoans?
    We charge a flat processing fee of INR 10,000 plus 18% GST, making it totally INR 11,800.
  • When the processing fee has to be paid?
    The processing fee has to be paid at the beginning of the process once our loan officer will analyze your profile. This evaluation is to check the eligibility of the student for the loan.
  • What happens to my processing fee if the loan gets rejected? Is there any refund?
    Yes, in the end, if you are unable to secure the loan due to any reason, we will refund you 80% of the processing fee. Please note that there will be no refund given in case you withdraw the loan application, wilfully.
  • How can I pay the processing fee?
    The processing fee can be paid online by scanning the QR code emailed/ shared with you.