Best Student Loan Refinance in India 2021- Know All The Details

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Many students seek an education loan to minimize the financial deficit and to support their higher education in India or abroad. But the biggest part is repayment of the loan. Once the loan is approved and the amount utilised, the repayment of the loan with full interest is the challenging part. Especially, when you avail an education loan with higher amount, failure of timely repayment of EMIs can jeopardize the CIBIL score of the student. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an efficient lender who meets your requirements and has friendly repayment terms and conditions. 

But, what if you are on the wrong track? What if you are not satisfied with your current loan lender? What if you are willing to change your education loan lender and are not aware of the best possible lender available in the market? 

Here, student loan refinance comes into the light. 

This article will guide you through the entire student loan refinance process and the things a student should consider while opting for education loan refinance. 

What is student loan refinance?

Refinancing is defined as the replacement of existing debt for a new one under different terms and conditions. It is generally known as an education loan takeover process where the applicant can shift their loan from the old bank to a new one. Student loan refinance is a process of acquiring a new education loan at a new interest rate and with new terms and conditions where typically your new lender pays off all the dues to the old bank and starts a new loan with better interest rates and friendly repayment policies. 

Why do people refinance their education loan?

Education loan refinance  is considered by most of the students because of the higher interest rates, unfriendly student loan repayment interest policies, and displeasing terms and conditions of the banks. Refinancing is better as the student can bargain for a lower rate of interest in other banks and can get their loan account shifted. Our team at Vidyaloans also helps students who are looking for education loan takeover for a better rate of interest in the best Government banks

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Process and documentation of Education loan refinance

When you are done with the comparative analysis of the education loan lenders available in the market, move towards the process and documentation for student loan refinance. 

Process of student loan refinance: 

  1. Connect with your old bank where your loan is under process. They will give you a letter stating the pending repayable amount that has to be paid by you.
  2. This pending repayable amount letter is further submitted to the new bank from which you are willing to take an education loan from. They will issue a student loan refinance and the loan process will be as usual.
  3. Once the loan is sanctioned from the new bank, the new lender will allocate a check to clear all the dues from the old bank.
  4. Congratulations! You are done with your education loan refinance.

Documentation for student loan refinance:

  1. Loan account statement of your education loan account since you started your education loan process
  2. Final foreclosure letter (specifies the total you need to pay to the bank to close the loan)
  3. A certificate from the bank stating the security you have pledged to obtain an education loan. 
  4. Original documents of the collateral 
  5. A Letter of confirmation to the loan applicant from the new bank regarding the possession of original documents  

Other necessary documents: 

  1. Applicant’s complete loan agreement
  2. A copy of your loan sanction letter
  3. Copy of your collateral documents (incase of collateralized loan)
  4. A consent letter stating to clear off the outstanding amount to the old bank by debiting the money from my new loan account. 

These are a few documents required for your education loan refinance. There are also certain terms and conditions a student must abide by for student loan refinance. To know the entire process with terms and conditions, connect with our team at Vidyaloans today. 

Things to consider while refinancing? 

  • Comparative market analysis
    Conduct a research online and do proper comparative market analysis of the banks offering student loan refinance. Short list a few and start applying for the same. 
  • Interest rates offered by the lender
    Make sure to understand the interest rates offered by the student loan refinance lenders. Understand the concept of fixed interest rates and floating interest rates. Choose what you feel would be the best for you. 
  • Repayment policies/ Terms and conditions
    Read terms and conditions of the new bank thoroughly before availing an education loan. Seek for a clear explanation on the bank’s policies especially regarding the interest payment during the moratorium period.
  • Origination fee or penalty 
    Find out if there is any origination fee or penalty being added for student loan refinance. Many times students face issues where they have been charged a penalty without any intimation. To avoid this, connect with our team at Vidyaloans. 
  • Amount of debt a bank will refinance and other requirements
    According to your requirement, kindly check what is the minimum and maximum amounts of debt your bank is ready to refinance. There are different student loan refinance rates. For eg: loans backed by collateral have different interest rates, loans with no collateral security have different interest rates. Make sure to meet all the requirements and then choose the best student loan refinance lenders available in the market. 

If you are fretting about all of the points mentioned above or finding any difficulty in deciding your student loan refinance lenders or student loan refinance rates, connect with our team at Vidyalaons. They will guide through the entire student loan refinance process. 


In a nutshell, if you are not satisfied with your current education loan lender or are disappointed with your education loan repayment policies or interest rate, considering student loan refinance would possibly be the best option. Just because you took an education loan does not mean that you have to stick to its ordinances forever. You must explore student loan refinancing options to get an education loan for a better rate of interest. But we always recommend you to assess the pros and cons of everything and then choose what’s right for you. To ease the burden, you can connect with our team at Vidyaloans and they will help you find the best education loan lender meeting all your requirements in the market. 

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